ANOTA将“脊椎”这一生命之灵的代表层层解构,注入ANOTA未来美学新思,展示世人。 以“脊椎”作为“生命”的视觉符号,ANOTA已推出「生」系列、「ANOTA BLEU」、「然」以及「ANOTA ART PROJECT」限量联名多个系列。


ANOTA is just like the brand name, "A-NOT-A" means A is not A.

"Undefined", "Spirit of Life" and "Future Aesthetics" are the core DNA of ANOTA.

As a newborn in the jewelry industry, ANOTA is committed to creating future jewelry aesthetics with an environmentally sustainable approach. Starting from cultivating diamonds, looking for environmentally friendly and innovative materials, and using more ethical, environmentally friendly and sustainable scientific and technological means, the mysterious natural force and futurism are integrated.

ANOTA deconstructs the "spine", the representative of the spirit of life, layer by layer, injects new ideas of ANOTA's future aesthetics, and shows the world. With "spine" as the visual symbol of "life", ANOTA has launched "Sheng" series, "ANOTA BLEU", "Ran" and "ANOTA ART PROJECT" limited joint series.