POUR TOI于2017 年创立,秉持着环保和创意为理念,以轻复古为主题,POUR TOI CONCEPT STORE 坐落在巴黎一区, 位于巴黎中心商业艺术廊里沃利大街,毗邻于卢浮宫与协和广场。是巴黎第一家以法式轻复古风格为主的艺术珠宝集成店,致力于将法式复古情怀与现代气息理念融合,在被批量化生产裹挟的时代裹,为你甄选出值得被时代保留的风格首饰。

POUR TOI was established in 2017, adhering to the concept of environmental protection and creativity, with the theme of light retro. The Pour TOI concept store is located in the 1st arrondissement of Paris, on Rue Wally, a commercial art gallery in central Paris, next to the Louvre Place and Concorde Square. It is the first art jewelry integrated brand store in Paris that focuses on French light retro style. It is committed to integrating French retro style with modern concepts, wrapping them in the era of mass production, and selecting style jewelries worthy of being preserved for you.