Founded in 1994, TANGY celebrates the concept of "peace, health and beauty", and highlights the harmonious realm of ‘harmony between man and nature’, from the essence of Chinese culture to all aspects of design and development. Taking the promotion of traditional Chinese culture as its own responsibility, regards original design as the soul, and uses natural fabrics to design and produce mid-to-high-end women's clothing with unique Chinese temperament and charm.


TANGY collection为原创品牌“天意TANGY”的精品系列,创立于2008年,秉承“崇尚自然•尊重自我”的品牌理念,以国家非物质文化遗产莨绸(香云纱)为核心用料,设计开发独具东方气质、生态时尚的莨绸系列。以高级成衣与定制时装为主要产品。

TANGY collection was founded in 2008. on the ancient Chinese philosophy 'By honoring nature, we respect ourselves.' for her artistic creations. Adhering to the brand concept of "advocating nature and respecting oneself", it designs and develops the national intangible cultural heritage silk (fragrant cloud yarn) as the core material. Unique oriental temperament, ecological fashionable silk series. The main products are high-end ready-to-wear and bespoke fashion.