Pinkdrizzle成立于英国伦敦(2017年),品牌是由意大利马来欧尼设计学院男装设计师(曾就职于米兰SUPREME、LORO PIANA)、中央美院&中国美院珠宝设计从业多年教师及设计团队(奥地利施华洛世奇总部从事珠宝设计、国内珠宝品牌周大福、I DO等常年设计合作)、时尚音乐领域策展人等商业精英组成的创始团队。


Pinkdrizzle is a place where all fantasy jewelry becomes possible through inspiration, innovation, and creativity. It is said that everyone who owns Pinkdrizzle all have precious memories and courage to face any uncertainty in life.  

At Pinkdrizzle, you can infinitely explore the mysteries of one’s body and inner emotions without needing to pretend or being reluctant.

Our designer team is from London, Italy and China, a group of conscientious jewelry lovers, our obsession towards jewelry derived from resonance of love in the exploration of independent self. 

Our jewelry is made with enamel craftsmanship, taken from, and inspired by some of the most memorable and inherited elements and transform into contemporary works of art that can be worn in day-to-day life. We fall in love with the story behind a custom design or the romance of a classic piece just as much as the timeless beauty of fine jewelry. We believe in wearing what is representable, we want you to feel genuine, memorable, and joyful.