Bouncy Tune设计师女装品牌成立于2018年。用Bouncy 来形容人,即是形容对方舒展而鲜活。我们想用服装去塑造、强化这样一种人物气质及生命音调,为每一个独特的女性发声,引导属于女性群体的归属感;着眼于将优质原料与卓越工艺结合,探索皮革服饰的当代视野。

Bouncy Tune Womenswear brand was founded in 2018. To describe a person in Bauncy is to describe each other stretching and living. We want to use clothing to shape and strengthen such a character temperament and life tone, for each unique female, guide the sense of belonging to the female community, focus on high-quality raw materials and excellent technology combined to explore the contemporary vision of leather clothing.