J RUREMINDS源于“RARE MINDS” 译为珍贵的想法,意指主理人将原创设计视为设计师品牌的珍贵之处。

J RUREMINDS成立于2021年,融合了极简轮廓与立体剪裁,为女性提供易于搭配的着装方案和更轻松舒适的生活方式。Define the Confidence是J RUREMINDS 品牌哲学,传递当代女性追求自我,坚定不失自信的性格态度。

自由的灵魂,从未停止探索,将内心的充盈融为不可预知的力量。J RUREMINDS在服装中倾注新的元素与活力,将艺术生活化,致力于为女性打造兼具实穿性和设计感的理想衣橱,透过服装语言来传递隽永的精髓。我们始终相信,时尚风格和生活态度,人人可及。

J RUREMINDS comes from the translation of "rare minds" into precious ideas, which means that the owner regards the original design as the most precious part of a designer brand. 

J RUREMINDS, founded in 2021,  combines minimalist silhouettes and three-dimensional tailoring to provide women with an easy way to match dress schemes and a more relaxed and comfortable lifestyle. The brand philosophy of J RUREMINDS is to define confidence, which conveys the character and attitude of contemporary women to pursue themselves and remain firm and confident. 


The free soul never stops exploring and melts the inner fullness into unpredictable power. J RUREMINDS pours new elements and vitality into clothing, turning art into life, and is committed to creating an ideal wardrobe with both practicality and design sense for women, to convey the meaningful essence through clothing language. We always believe that fashion style and life attitude are accessible to everyone.