MES PRIVÉ品牌成立于2020年,目前在巴黎和上海两地发展。设计师郑一楠于2020年毕业于 美国Fashion Institute Of Design&MerchandisingFIDM」学院时装系,毕业后进入PRADA 作,同年10月回国并创立MES PRIVÉMES PRIVÉ是一个结合中性与女性元素并以高级时尚为 主题的设计师女装品牌,MES PRIVÉ着力打造融合当代东⻄方艺术的时尚高级成衣,专为女士 量身定做属于她们个性的服饰,突破传统女性服饰的定义,重在展现女性多元化的个性。品 牌通过使用拱线,解构,制作独立面料,全衣无明线处理,等多种工艺来呈现出更加适合亚洲 女性的产品。MES PRIVÉ每个系列都会从不同的⻆度出发,诠释温柔、可爱、酒脱、冷酷的 女子力

MES PRIVÉ brand was founded in 2020 and is currently based in Paris and Shanghai. Zheng yinan graduated from the department of Fashion at the Fashion Institute Of Design & Merchandising "FIDM" in the us in 2020. In October of the same year, MES PRIVÉ is a designer women's wear brand that combines neuter and feminine elements and takes high fashion as the theme.

MES PRIVÉ focuses on creating high fashion ready-to-wear that integrates contemporary Eastern and Western art and tailor-made clothes for women, breaking through the definition of "traditional women's" clothes. The emphasis is on showing the diversity of female personality. The brand presents products that are more suitable for Asian women through the use of arched threads, deconstruction, the making of individual fabrics, the whole garment without open threads, and other techniques.

MES PRIVÉ each series will start from a different Angle, the interpretation of gentle, lovely, wine, cold "woman power".