NNEOTONE  由中国设计师 Ning U 和韩国设计师 Youjin Choi 2020年在首尔创立是一个文艺内敛气质的成衣品牌设计主张自由与智慧并存的哲学理念通过年轻而富有创意的方式来传达极简主义女性美.

品牌每一季都开发新的概念同时确认对差异化生活方式和相似品味的认可,  NNEOTONE  注重实用性运用独特的面料、精致的轮廓以及创新的细节表达其创作理念旨在通过穿着体验来延展设计情感.



NNEOTONE  Founded by Chinese designer Ning u and Korean designer Youjin Choi in Seoul in 2020, it is a ready-made clothing brand with artistic and restrained temperament. The design advocates the philosophy of coexistence of freedom and wisdom, and conveys minimalist female beauty in a young and creative way

 Every season, the brand develops new concepts and recognizes the recognition of differentiated lifestyles and similar tastes. NNEOTONE pays attention to practicality and expresses its creative ideas with unique fabrics, exquisite contours and innovative details It aims to extend the design emotion through the wearing experience