Prolvsion— Deconstructing Victoria's Retro dream






From classicism to steampunk, from romanticism to post-impressionism, from feminism to racial liberation, from the industrial revolution to aristocratic afternoon tea, the Victorian era was full of dreamlike romance, splendor and sophistication, while being extremely modest and elegant.

 To this day, these wonderful qualities of people become the aspiration of many people.

 Analyzing the entire Victorian era, from literature, painting, architecture, clothing, and even the habits of the people at that time, combined with the current technology, the future, environmental protection, and cosmic space, we deconstructed the vintage and exquisite romantic feelings with the context of the current era, and thus, there is the current prolvsion.

Prolvsion takes advantage of the Victorian background, through these retro language, attempting to express the exquisite, romantic and beautiful life aspirations, while giving meaning to modern life, the exploration of the future, prolvsion is both retro and fashionable, that is, complex and extremely clean, both well-behaved and rebellious, both beautiful and hip and cool.