Lueé Doni Jewelry 一个专注于古币造型艺术的复古珠宝首饰品牌。






每一款Lueé Doni的复古饰品,都没有绝对的正确搭配。就好比一千个冒险者,就有一千个完美结局一样。LD所追求的是在产品层面的个体自由与浪漫主义。对比起市面上同类型产品,Lueé Doni在首饰结构上增加了更多巧思——如戒指饰面可翻转,项链结构链条吊坠可拆卸。这也让每一款饰品在不同人的创意之下,拥有了无限的可能性。







Lueé Doni jewelry is a retro Jewelry brand focusing on the plastic art of ancient coins. 


Most of the ancient coin finishes are cast based on mythical characters. Under the simple appearance, there is the world's respect for the power of gods.

Each plate is made by hand, cast with ancient lost wax and polished by hand. The whole process is relatively cumbersome, but it gives the ancient coins the time value that mechanized production can not bring and the imperfect beauty created by hand, which is just a material expression of the concept of "commonness between man and God" in the classical myth.


Every retro jewelry of Lueé Doni has no absolutely correct matching. 

Just like a thousand adventurers, there are a thousand ways to seek freedom.. What Lueé Doni pursues is individual freedom and romanticism at the product level. Compared with the same type of products on the market, LD has added more ingenious ideas in jewelry structure - such as reversible ring finish, detachable Necklace structure and chain pendant. This also allows each jewelry to have unlimited possibilities under the creativity of different people.


We believe that all retro fashion should be precipitated by time and better return to life.


Retro fashion is not only the aesthetic display of the old times, but also the sincere call for classical culture and classical elements in everyone's heart.