从古典大师John Galliano到时尚教父Alexander McQueen,从魅影舞者Gareth Pugh到解构狂徒Craig Green,设计界涌现出一批又一批鬼才设计师。他们是狂人、坏孩子,但他们的才华却让全世界为之疯狂。当我们走进时尚圣殿的大门试图解读反派气质的神秘代码时,同样被誉为鬼才设计师的中国青年设计师张弛(Zhang)创立了先锋香水品牌暧炽ARTCHI,并用一系列艺术香氛作品给出了自己的答案。

From classical master John Galliano to fashion godfather Alexander McQueen, from phantom dancer Gareth Pugh to deconstruction fanatic Craig Green, the design industry has emerged a batch of talented designers. They are crazy, bad kids, but their talent makes the world crazy. When we walk into the door of fashionable temple to try to interpret the mysterious code of villain temperament, also known as the Chinese young designer Zhang Chi (Zhang) founded pioneer perfume brand warms incandescent ARTCHI, and gave his answer with a series of artistic fragrance works.