THE JINGINGLAB 是专注于配饰设计的实验室。命名中的‘JING’ 取自中文“晶”,“从三日, 表示光亮之意”。THE JINGINGLAB 意为一次正在构建“光”的实验。实验具有开放性与互动性,其主旨是“光”的物体与大众的意识行为在特定环境的互动研究。THE JINGINGLAB 相信带着”光“的物体,作为意识和情绪的载体延伸,能够轻松自由地穿梭于时空之中。

THE JINGINGLAB 借由或简单或奇异的造型, 结合传统与现代手工艺的碰撞,与“光”的材料编织,一起探索未来与过去的链接。THE JINGINGLAB 希望通过“光”的物品设计从女性角度唤起大众的情绪力量.

THE JINGINGLAB is a laboratory dedicated to accessories design. ‘JING’ in the naming is taken from the Chinese "JING",which means bright". THE JINGINGLAB means an experiment that is building "light". The experiment is open and interactive, and its theme is the study of the interaction between "light" objects and the public's conscious behavior in a specific environment. THE JINGINGLAB believes that objects with "light", as a carrier extension of consciousness and emotions, can travel freely and easily in time and space.

THE JINGINGLAB uses simple or bizarre shapes, combining the collision of traditional and modern handicrafts, and weaving with "light" materials to explore the link between the future and the past together. THE JINGINGLAB hopes to evoke the emotional power of the public from a female perspective through the design of "light" objects, and finally build the brand's unique visual language. THE JINGLAB uses simple or modern shapes, combining traditions and handicrafts, and weaving with "light" materials to explore the links of the past together.