CRANE SING取自<诗经·小雅·鹤鸣>,鹤鸣于九皋,声闻于天。


CRANE SING冀望用商业的模式,将中国博大精深的服装文化通过内容的表达和更宜日常穿着的时髦设计,融入大众的生活和每一天的穿搭之中。传承不能放在博物馆里,而需要落到日常的使用。

The brand of CRANE SING is born from Poetry · Xiaoya · CRANE SING. The crane sings in the ninth pool of the marsh, and her voice is heard in the sky. 

Brand of CRANE SING with opportune Oriental elements, combined with the modern design, through the ingenious control ability of material/details/coloes/technology…create the modern clothes that senior but not make public for the contemporary women. 

The design itself also needs to be well balanced and controlled, not to be confused by the vanity of fashion. 

Crane sing uses the business model, and bring profound Chinese clothing culture into public life and everyday wearing by content expression and fashion design which are more suitable for daily wearing .——Inheriting can’t stay in museum for visiting, but daily use!