WAVE OCEAN品牌旨在用变幻莫测的海洋的包容性来展现每一位女生的不同面,想要把女生的每一面:温柔的,坚韧的,性感的...全都揉碎融合然后重新塑造出一个纯真又美好的少女形象,像是静谧的海面下永远在暗流涌动。因此品牌在创作过程中,会选用不同的面料与不同的工艺,让它们相互碰撞却又巧妙的结合在一起,赋予了它们不同且合一的设计灵感。我们都希望WAVE OCEAN女孩无时无刻都在探索自身DNA里面新的元素自信的呈现在众人面前。她们热切的打造属于自己的风格,不断打破、重组、再创新只为让世人更清晰的知道如何成为自信而又有力量的WAVE OCEAN女孩。

Wave ocean brand aims to show the different faces of every girl with the inclusiveness of the unpredictable ocean. It wants to crush and integrate every side of the girl: gentle, tough, sexy... And then reshape a pure and beautiful girl image, like always surging in the undercurrent under the quiet sea. Therefore, in the creative process, the brand will choose different fabrics and different processes to make them collide with each other but skillfully combine together, giving them different and integrated design inspiration. We all hope that wave ocean girls are exploring new elements in their DNA all the time and present them confidently in front of everyone. They eagerly create their own style, constantly break, restructure and innovate, just to let the world know more clearly how to become a confident and powerful wave ocean girl.