Point zero one由Ruby Song成立于2018年底,复归于简,独到性感,基于对生活的热爱,对美的追求创立而 成的品牌。通过特殊面料以及干净利落的剪裁版型来传达品牌对于自然与性感


Point zero one的名字来源于缝纫机的针距.01cm , 一针一线都体现品牌对衣服的纯粋,一种服饰,就是展示一 种“我”,Point zero one是与每一寸真我的无限接近.




Point zero one was founded by Ruby Song at end of 2018. It has returned to simplicity and is unique and is a brand founded based on the love of life and the pursuit of beauty. Through special fabrics and patterns, it con vets firebrand's nature and sexy understanding

, The name of Point zero one comes from the stitch length of sewing machine - .01cm. Every stitch reflects the purity of the designer's clothing design, and a kind of clothing shows a kind of 'me'.