ARTE PURA (卜菈)是由几个拥有同样浪漫审美的女孩共同创立于蒙特利尔的设计师品牌,她们分别来自中国和加拿大。品牌名译为“纯净的艺术”,源于她们生活的点滴,遍布城市的剧院、艺术馆和音乐厅,鲜活而梦幻,蒙城浪漫开放的艺术底蕴造就了品牌最内核的基因——对爱和美的信仰。





ARTE PURA is a designer brand co founded in Montreal by several girls with the same romantic aesthetics. They are from China and Canada respectively. The brand name is translated as "pure art", which originates from their life scene like theatre, art galleries and concert halls。The romantic and open art heritage of Montreal has created the core gene of the brand - the belief to love and beauty.


The designer makes good use of various fresh and natural visual techniques, the mixed use of girl elements such as flower streamers, crystal pearls and so on, combined with the leisure and modern clothing style dominated by black, white and gray, just like Margaret's paintings.They hope to construct a unique Utopian aesthetics for girls in design language to face this chaotic world.