AKEMO的设计灵感源于比利时著名画家约瑟夫雷杜德(Pierre-Joseph Redoute)笔下的《玫瑰图谱》。在他的画里,黑色玫瑰如同闪亮的珍珠在夜光中绽放着无言的尊贵,它也像magic(魔法)一样,富有多变的创意。同时黑玫瑰也是独立女性的象征,形容的女生的坚强,尊贵,以及勇敢的一面。



AKEMO is a new diablo niche brand founded in 2020, which by two girls with rebellious heart. There is an old saying, God created the rose so that the romanticism comes in.

AKEMO's design was inspired by < The Bible of Roses >, a famous painting of Belgian painter Pierre-Joseph Reduote. In his paintings, dark roses shine like pure pearls in the night light with wordless dignity. It is as creative as magic. At the same time, the dark rose is also a symbol of independent women, which describes a girl's strong, noble, and brave.

Only love forever, the bible of roses, you are the devil and i own it.