THREE QUARTERS法国巴黎设计师独立品牌,秉持新时代的法式时尚风格,将新时代女性内心深处 “诉说自己” “展示自己” “宠爱自己”的渴望进行全新诠释。THREE QUARTERS设计师坚持 “匠心”的设计理念,最大程度减少秀场上制造极度夸张的迷惑时尚行为,更专注于每件能被大家触摸到的衣服。 品牌愿景 THREE QUARTERS致力为全球女性打造做工精良 有格调 有态度的女装品牌。THREE QUARTERS诞生于时尚之都法国巴黎,新的世界,一片精致自由、执著浪漫、个性、充满生命力的世界。就像是THREE QUARTERS一样,不满不溢,接受人性本该的不完美色彩,却在追求完美的路上永不止息。  

Three Quarters, a Paris based independent brand, upholds the French style of the new era, explores the deep desire of New Women to tell, display, and love.   Advocating the concept of “ingenuity”, minimizing the extremely exaggerated and confusing behaviors on the runway, focusing more on every piece of garments that could be touched by people. THREE QUARTERS is committed to creating a well- crafted, stylish and attitude womenswear label.   Pursuing in freedom, obsessing with romance, fulling of personality and vitality, no more, no less, accepting the imperfection of human nature, that is the vision of THREE QUARTERS.