432HZ为音乐人与乐迷而生。432HZ即四百三十二赫兹,是自然界中最能使人放松的频率,也正如品牌所倡导的:闲适、随性,跟随旋律,享受节拍。作为一个提倡舒适的音乐潮流品牌,设计师以嬉皮风格与街头怀旧为视觉基础,大量使用宽松的版型与包容性高的色彩组合,让穿着者可以无拘束地随着音乐舞动或是演奏乐器。品牌设计师Will Guo YuQing分别毕业于伦敦艺术大学时尚设计&研发专业、圣埃蒂安艺术与设计学院当代艺术专业。两人均是乐队爱好者与参与者。


432HZ is for musicians and fans. 432HZ, is the most relaxing frequency in nature, and as the brand advocates: leisure, casual, follow the melody, enjoy the beat. As a brand that promotes comfortable music trends, designers use hippie styles and street nostalgia as the visual basis, using a loose-fitting combination of styles and inclusive colors that allow wearers to dance to music or play instruments without restraint. Brand designers Will Guo and YuQing graduated from the UAL with a degree in Fashion Design , and from the Faculty of Contemporary Art and Design in Saint-Etienne. Both are band lovers and participants.