DIANA VEVINA创立于摩纳哥,品 牌如这座富裕之邦一样渗透着浪漫南法的 浪漫与精致,意式的简约与高贵。出身世 袭贵族世家的设计师DIANA VEVINA 欧洲中世纪轻奢、优雅、精致的宫廷元素 为设计灵感,打造知性、温柔、富有审美 情调的服饰,赐予了这个品牌华丽的血液 与鲜明的个性,向世人诠释着时尚艺术的 顶级意境。

从设计、取材到制作,DIANA VEVINA始终保持着超凡的时尚敏锐度, 采用极致舒适的面料与传统顶尖的手工技 艺,让轻奢、优雅、精致、浪漫的宫廷理 念渗透到服饰的每一处细节。


DIANA VEVINA was founded in Monaco. Like this rich country, the brand is permeated with romance, romance and delicacy of South France, simplicity and nobility of Italian style. Diana vevina, a designer from a hereditary aristocratic family, takes the light luxury, elegant and exquisite palace elements in the middle ages of Europe as the design inspiration to create intelligent, gentle and aesthetic clothes, which gives the brand gorgeous blood and distinctive personality and interprets the top artistic conception of fashion art to the world.  From design, material selection to production, Diana vevina has always maintained an extraordinary fashion sensitivity, using extremely comfortable fabrics and traditional top handicrafts, so that the palace concept of light luxury, elegance, delicacy and romance permeates every detail of the dress.