通过将少女感与趣致融合,进而创造出天真而灵动的HERLIAN 女孩形象。 她轻松有趣且不拘一格的捕捉玩味冲突设计,同时也在天真与灵动、 精致与俏皮中寻求各种可能性。



The image of innocent and intelligent HERLIAN girls is created through the fusion of girlish feeling and fun. Playful and eclectic, she captures playful and conflicting designs, while also seeking possibilities in innocence and ingenuity, elegance and wit.

In the world of HERLIAN girls, clear colors and patterns infuse youth and vitality, and elegant and lively diversified morous feelings are elusive, always holding surprises. She brings spirituality to clothing through multiple interpretation of artistic design elements, conveys beautiful and interesting exquisite lifestyle, and tells the story of "her and her and her".