DFALLA 源起于对生命本源和自我疗愈的探究,致力于成为生命本源与成长的个性文化载体。D 是脱氧核糖核酸 DNA 的缩写,意为每个人与生俱来的即大不相同,自然生发无限可能FALLA 则源于意大利语蝴蝶 FARFALLA,表达理想与外界的联结,赐予破茧成蝶的勇气,灵动而充满力量。DFALLA在后疫情人文关怀升级的大背景下,用设计美学的角度,试图把饰品以及生活方式类产品作为载体,饰品以纽带开关以及链条自由的组合方式,传播“疗愈自我、倾听自我、联结自我和蜕变自我”的概念。


DFALLA originates from the exploration of life and self-healing, and is dedicated to becoming a cultural carrier of the origin and growth of life. In the context of upgrading humanistic care after the pandemic, DFALLA tries to adopt aesthetics as a carrier for accessories and lifestyle products, which are combined in a free way with links and chains to spread the concept of "healing self, listening to self, linking self and transforming self".