Geek Wonderland (极客梦工厂)是整合国内设计专业院校、优质供应链和商业渠道等多方资源的设计师品牌孵化平台。

Geek Wonderland旗下此次参加时堂的四个独立设计师品牌分别为:



ohayouki is a fashion brand which has nothing to do with fashion trends, but a simple and happy story. The themes of this story are friendship, refusing to grow up, cute and childish,and those silly but warm stories about school life. The main protagonists of the story , Qiqi and Weiwei, are best friends who complement each other and support each other every day so that they are no longer afraid of being alone. ohayouki hopes that every custume with strange and strange stories can warm and heal the busier and lonely city girls .



黄愉乔、左舰懿、曹祜婉是东华大学中日合作服装设计大三在读的00年在校生,由⼤⼆的课程设计作业出发,于2020年5⽉建⽴品牌OVER RANGE。由于三位主理⼈⽇常喜欢⿊⾊,也都对神秘事物保持着强烈的好奇⼼。所以OVER RANGE的中⽂名也叫“不明⻜⾏物”。因此,神秘⽽多变的“⿊”,以及同样神秘 却很有趣的“外星⼈”,成为了 OVER RANGE 特有的品牌标签。作为00 后的我们相信在设计准则舒适圈⾥的“in”,正是时尚的 “out”。⽽跨出舒适圈的创新,才是时尚“正当时”。

Huang Yuqiao, Zuo Jianyi and Cao Huwan are juniors born in 2000 of Sino-Japanese Costume Design in Donghua University. Due to the three masters' love of black and their strong curiosity about mysterious things, "Over Range" is called"不明飞行物" in Chinese. Thus, the mysterious and changeable "black", and the equally mysterious but funny "alien", became the unique brand label of Over Range. As the post-00s generation, we believe that the "in" in the comfort zone of design principles is the fashion of the “out”. And the innovation that goes beyond the comfort zone is the "right time" for fashion.



⽆谓世俗,LeLevivi ⼀直勇于尝试打破社会对⼥性标准的枷锁,反抗僵化的美学规则和标准,同时也在纠结与挣扎中思索其中的意义。将东方独特美学与西方文化结合,碰撞出奇妙的反应。在冰冷混沌的年代,为逃离世俗的公主铸成城堡和梦境。LeLevivi2021春夏系列以公主为契,注⼊⾃⼰如同雅典娜、木兰等勇敢女性形象,对抗世俗规则的勇⽓,⽤英⽓与精致共筑⼥性双⾯闺阁。

There is nothing worldly about it. Lelevivi has always been brave enough to break the shackles of the society on female standards and resist the rigid aesthetic rules and standards. At the same time, she is also thinking about the meaning in the tangle and struggle. The combination of unique Oriental aesthetics and western culture creates a wonderful reaction. In the cold chaos of the age, for the princess to escape from the secular castles and dreams. LLEVIVI2021 spring/summer collection takes the princess as the contract, infuses itself with the brave female images like Athena and Mulan, and the courage to fight against the secular rules, and builds a double-faced female boudoir with valour and delicacy.


Tipsy Vision幻景

TIPSY VISION核心设计理念来自于七巧板游戏,将单色的几何模块进行排列组合,从而形成不同的简单意向图形,是大家在儿时都会体验到的七巧板的乐趣,由简至简的过程中,却不乏惊喜。多年后再游戏时,两位主理人决心将这种质朴游戏的乐趣带入到服装设计中。


Tipsy Vision's core design concept comes from the Tangram game. The arrangement and combination of monochromatic geometric modules to form different simple intention graphics is the Tangram fun that everyone will experience in childhood. In the process of simplification, there is no lack of surprise. Years later, the two designers decided to bring the fun of this rustic game to the costume design.