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Founded in 2014.Zilihuakai is an original design brand company that gathers many post-95 new generation designers. Our team has the unrestrained design concept and the steady implementation ability. 


"When you come here, it's like a flower in full bloom;The grace of spring sunshine moistens its branches." Zilihuakai is just like this spring branch. It only needs a little sunshine to sprout into branches and trees. 


Zilihuakai's essence is to discover all kinds of beauty in life, deduce and comprehend it in fashion, which comes from life and is higher than life.


Its medium and high end brands    SENNOS&ZHOU

Its fashion brands    s e n n o s

Brands enter major shopping malls and buyer integrated stores in China













SENNOS&ZHOU 是子立花开文化传播有限公司旗下的中高端原创独立设计师品牌。






Embrace modern French romance, full bloom and live with heart

SENNOS&ZHOU is a middle and high-end original independent designer brand of Zili Huakai.

The brand is located in the light familiar urban knowledge women who love light social and have light luxury quality life. Based on the life style of this group, the brand designs and develops clothing, accessories and shoes. The brand style combines modern fashion design techniques to interpret French romance, and the overall color is stable. The materials are mostly made of custom jacquard, patent printing and exclusive imported fabrics.

SENNOS&ZHOU selects fabrics according to the needs of the wearing group; From the living scene of the wearing group, lay down the style.

Unique fabric style attributes, combined with rich high matching between the single products, create a unique atmosphere for the wearing group.






副线:s e n n o s








Softness and strength coexist, control complexity with simplicity,effortless fashion.

Pay tribute to the theory of gender free fashion in the late 1960s and early 1970s. It is a kind of handsome, straightforward but not tough style. It excavates the gentle character in the neutral strength. It is a kind of self-confident beauty from the inner of women. It has a little coldness, mixed with tenderness and toughness. It can advance, attack, retreat and defend. It is a portrayal of the new generation of independent women, bold, free and easy, tough, Be confident.