UOOYAA LAB是由UOOYAA推出的先锋实验设计系列,由UOOYAA联合国际独立先锋设计师共创,基于对UOOYAA“真实、有趣”的品牌态度的共鸣与热爱,从对中国当下本土文化的不同视角出发,试图用先锋的设计语言来解读中国本土当下的多元文化。每一季,都会由UOOYAA的设计师团队与独立设计师共同创作一个全新的主题,东方与西方、传统与现代、经典与颠覆…我们认为当下中国的文化的最大特征就是包容、碰撞、未知、变化以及由此带来的巨大想象空间,而时装是其中最佳的载体。这个系列恰恰就是在延展UOOYAA本身态度的基础上的更勇敢的探索,并且无论是对传统时装廓形的解构,还是用老工艺制造先锋造型,都是以不断斟酌的版型、精致的制作工艺来探索时装世界中意想不到的可能。 

UOOYAA LAB is an experimental avant-garde design series launched by Uooyaa, which is jointly generated by the brand with their resonated international independent avant-garde designers. 

Based on the resonance and love of UOOYAA's "real and interesting" brand attitude, it starts from a different perspective of China's current local culture. Trying to use avant-garde design language to interpret the current multi-culture in China.In each season, Uooyaa’s design team would join up with the indicated independent designers and assemble a new theme about eastern and western cultures, traditional and contemporary factors, and classical and innovative objectives... 

We believe that the most notable features of contemporary Chinese culture are tolerance, conflicts, mystery, transformative, and the wide imagination space brought with it, and fashion is the best carrier among.This series is a more courageous exploration based on the extension of UOOYAA's own attitude Also, both the deconstruction of the traditional silhouette and or using old techniques to create avant-garde styles are intended to explore the fashion world's unpredicted potentials by constantly pondering over the version and exquisite silhouette production technology.