Factory Found 成立于 2020 年 6 月,目前旗下三大业务:设计师服装、精品买手店、商业与艺术摄影工作室,是一个多业态运营理念的时尚生活方式品牌。

FACTORY FOUND 的品牌灵感来自于 Andy Warhol 纽约工作室 the Factory,打造一个属于年轻人生活方式的容器,它是衣橱、是影棚、是艺术家沙龙、也是都市精英女性的第三空间。

分别位于东长安街英皇集团中心和七棵树创意产业园的两个 FACTORY FOUND 空间——精品买手店和摄影工作室,打造出都市中心的柔软曲线空间。

Factory Found 设计师服装品牌以「艺术时装」为理念,同时结合女性主义,环保理念及可持续生活方式,致力打造属于中国优质女性的艺术时装。以有内涵的设计,对细节的斟酌,上乘的材质为前提,表达现代优质女性的理性、克⼰精神。

Factory Found 的核心是「being sensitve」,倡导人们从主流思潮中抽离,冷静做⾃⼰。在这⾥找到同好、找到属于⾃⼰的质感⽣活, 通过⼀种更⾃洽的⽣活⽅式,⼀种更⾃信的审美选择,创造⼀个更好的⾃⼰。


Factory Found is a fashion brand founded by Roro Wang and Hanni Han in June, 2020. Now we have a clothing brand, a select shop and a commercial photography studio. 

The inspiration for this brand comes from Andy Warhol’s workshop in New York —— the Factory. Like a vessel, it can be a wardrobe, a photography space or a salon for artists, a third space for modern women. 

The two Factory Found spaces, located in Beijing Emperor Group Center and Qikeshu, are designed by a Japanese designer Miyamoto Kazushi who is a good creator of modern soft curve space.

With through thinking about feminism, environmental protection and eco-consciousness, Factory Found is aiming to create fine clothing for modern women in China and express their reason and restraint in our effortlessly chic design, tailored cut and high-quality fabric and craftmanship. 

The brand ideology is being sensitive. Factory Found is aiming to empower sensitive person to please themselves, find companions and live a better life with self-consistency and confidence.