“WZWJ 未知未觉”品牌设立于2003年,隶属于杭州相上时装有限公司。以自然主义时装为品牌灵感,融合东方艺术美学和极简的时装态度,为当代独立女性打造知性诗意的生活哲学。天然舒适的材质、精湛的剪裁、高品质工艺的时装产品,体现了诗意浪漫、清澈纯粹、自由自主的当代独立女性态度。WZWJ崇尚自然,并坚持以环境的可持续发展为品牌责任,我们在未知的、不确定的、即将发生的未来中去不断地探索更多可能性。

The "WZWJ" brand was established in 2003 and belongs to Hangzhou Xiangshang Fashion Co., Ltd. Taking naturalistic fashion as the brand inspiration, integrating oriental artistic aesthetics and minimalist fashion attitude, to create an intellectual and poetic life philosophy for contemporary independent women. Natural and comfortable materials, exquisite tailoring, and high-quality craftsmanship fashion products reflect the poetic, romantic, clear and pure, free and independent contemporary independent female attitude. WZWJ upholds nature and insists on the sustainable development of the environment as its brand responsibility. We are constantly exploring more possibilities in the unknown, uncertain, and upcoming future.