The name "TSGT", which is not only familiar but also distant, implies that the brand will not forget its original intention, but also expresses the thinking of contemporary women and the integration of environmental  trend,which is real and unique, changing and enterprising.


"TSGT" was founded by Lifu Deng, one of the top ten fashion designers in China. It aims at the urban women who are "literary, minimalist and interesting". It is a pioneer who is not an alternative but elegant and interesting, practical and artistic. The brand focuses on quality and high sense of construction, emphasizes on material and agile with clipping, at the same time from the painting, music, architecture, film and other art forms and inspiration in everyday life, literature and art and fashion fusion, extending from classic, into the new design which emphasizes details and ideas, making the coexistence of texture and beauty, achieving a perfect combination between personality and practical wear, As a result, the daily wearing becomes more interesting and fun.s