AMAZING SONG源于“爱与分享”的声音,是“三朵姐妹 花”梦的无限畅想。品牌由箱包设计师NINA于2013年创立,大姐NINA同两位 姐妹一样,拥有着共同的音乐梦想。“三朵姐妹花”虽然曾来自不通过的专业背景,却因对音乐的热爱凝聚在了一起。从事视觉领域的二妹,以及室内设计师的三妹,随之 一起加入了AMAZING SONG的发展历程。同为设计师的她们,将“梦想的声音”倾注于共同的事业 中,把对音乐的美好情感赋予品牌的每一件产品中,从三个不同的情感角度带来丰富多彩的灵动风格。


她们希望“AMAZING SONG的每一位姐妹,都能活出不一般的绚丽人生---LOVE AND SHARE”


AMAZING SONG comes from the voice of "love and sharing", which is the infifinite imagination of the dream of "three sister flflowers". The brand was founded in 2013 by luggage designer NINA. The eldest sister NINA, like the two sisters, has a common musical dream. Although "Three Sisters Flowers" came from a professional background that did not pass, they were united by their love for music. The second sister, who is engaged in the visual fifield, and the third sister, the interior designer, joined the development of AMAZING SONG together. They are also designers, pouring "the voice of dreams" into their common cause, and endowing each piece of the brand with their beautiful emotions for music, bringing colorful and colorful experiences from three difffferent emotional perspectives. Smart style.


They hope that "every sister of AMAZING SONG can live an extraordinary and splendid life---LOVE AND SHARE