DIZZY BOMB是由在伦敦分别读设计和商科的两位创始人一拍即合创立的袜子品牌,针对喜欢无拘无束穿各种衣服的人们。DIZZY BOMB认为袜子不是配角,反而可以是焦点,目标是通过优良的工艺、极致的品质和有趣的图案让袜子变得具有无限可能。

DIZZY BOMB is a socks brand created by two founders who studied design and business respectively in London and aimed at people who like to wear all kinds of clothes without restraint. DIZZY BOMB believes that a pair of socks can be a highlight of an outfit instead of a minor role. Our target is to bring unlimited possibilities into socks with excellent craftsmanship, top quality and unique prints.