iSVE推出的iSVE Junior系列将宝石的灵动光泽与贵金属完美结合,以简驭繁,雕琢个性,受到时尚icon的广泛喜爱。





The iSVE inherited from the jewellery family uses "just deviant" as an explanation, breaking the barriers of traditional frames and innovating in glasses craftsmanship. Absorbing the unique artistic effects of the collision of design ideas from various countries, integrating retro romance with trends, and using zircon to explain the infinite possibilities of modern fashion.


"Quality, almost paranoia; beauty, continuous progress." iSVE uses the exclusive patented diamond embedding technology to break the sense of separation of traditional luxury gems. Precious metals and zircons collide with avant-garde fashion, showing unruly attitude with multiple elements, and wanton display of avant-garde trends .


The iSVE Junior series launched by iSVE perfectly combines the smart luster of gemstones with precious metals. It uses simplicity to master the complexity and sculpts individuality. It is widely loved by fashion icons.