C.SHE 是一个基于当代思考的创意品牌,期望通过设计与文化等多个角度来传递品牌精神,将目光聚焦到当下贵族,名媛及都市精英的诉求,试图在当下的生活越来越追求独特高品质个性化的生活中,完成针对他们想要的一种独特全面性的新的生活体验。打破约束与拥抱可能,尝试用以新的视觉去看待不同的风格,同时保持对真我的追求与多重个性存在的合理性,C.SHE 的设计不仅仅源于日常设计功能上的需求,更结合通过不断地可

持续性实践,呈现出实用地设计,提供 C.SHE 品牌爱好者地自由选择。



The designer was born in sculpture. The team has designers with different backgrounds such as art, graphic and accessories. With the yearning and pursuit of art, they are constantly exploring and discovering the meaning of bags for women. A high-quality brand, the brand also has experience in the production of luxury leather goods, craftsmanship, and insists on using high-quality imported Italian first-layer cows and sheepskins, and they are all based on precision and hand-sewn to restore the most original texture aesthetics of the products.

C.SHE is a creative brand based on contemporary thinking. It hopes to convey the brand spirit through multiple angles such as design and culture, focusing on the demands of the nobles, celebrities and urban elites, and trying to pursue uniqueness in the current life. In a high-quality and personalized life, complete a unique and comprehensive new life experience that they want. Breaking constraints and embracing possibilities, trying to look at different styles with new visions, while maintaining the rationality of the pursuit of true self and the existence of multiple personalities, the design of C.SHE is not only derived from the needs of daily design functions, but also Combine through continuously available

Continuous practice, showing practical design, providing C.SHE brand enthusiasts with free choice.