创立时间:2020年 我们是一家应休闲运动趋势而创立的鞋履及服饰品牌。城市生活是品牌的灵感 来 源,我们致力于为繁忙的都市人群提供品质与舒适平衡兼顾的产品设计,在 保持 轻松活力的同时,将精简质感与实用主义有机融合,诠释简约、轻松的现 代生活 方式。

通过探索不同的材料应用、结构设计与新兴科技,我们不断打造满足日常生活 不 同场景及穿着需求的设计,每件单品都能提供给顾客创新的穿 着体验,演绎 别致优雅的⻛格品味。

We are a footwear and apparel brand created in response to the increasing trend of sport casual fashion and inspired by the modern urban lifestyle. We are committed to creating products that incorporate minimal designs, unbeaten quality and comfort for busy urban dwellers.

By exploring and combining different materials, styles and emerging technologies, we are committed to creating designs that meet the ever- changing scenarios and needs of daily life. Each ampey piece provides customer an effortless wearing experience with a chic and elegant style.