吉吉 设计师介绍





After the graduation from Chinese Painting College of Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts, Ji Ji delved beyond her original specialism and deep into bag designing with rich inspiration, and excelled in silhouette designing and the balance of retro and innovation. She was given the national patent of industrial design for TOTO BAG, her latest and hottest work in 2020.






“There’s more”

It’s a firm conviction that not to chase the first glance of amazing beauty or cutting-edge trend, but to seek for an enduring elegance. Long-lasting, reserved, natural and gentle, these are what matter to us.












Since their first meet in high school, Gu liang and Ji Ji has preserved their love through school and hard pioneering days, then finally made it to the promised land after 14 years in love and 8 years in business together.


Ji Ji claims to be a self-taught grass-root, because she majored in traditional Chinese painting and took fashion design as an elective course at undergraduate stage, after which she delved beyond her original specialism and deep into bag designing. Affected by her grandma in childhood, Ji Ji found her love for handcraft quite early. And her willpower has been tempered in her 10-year effort to play the piano since she was 5 years old. Thanks to these, she once managed to make a breakthrough in designing a bag by secluding herself in a 7-square-metre room for 49 days.


In 2020, as she reached the age of 30, Ji Ji founded i.jiji, a new independent designer brand.

When in 30s, a designer is given new perspectives to observe the world and new expectations even when in future’s bewilderment.

When in 30s, a designer is also inspired to seek the balance between sincerity and persistence, constancy and uncertainty, staying true in the exploration for her desirable design aesthetics and never settling.