Kebing Studio成立于2014年,致力于“分享高级定制时装精神感悟”,每一次亮相的高级感,依赖于真实内心感知到的精神、文化、工艺细节、尊贵感与艺术性的记忆。品牌不拘泥于传统高级定制模式的限制,致力于满足年轻女性不同场景轻礼服的着装需求。

Kebing Studio, founded in 2014, is committed to "sharing the spirit of haute couture".

The advanced sense of each appearance depends on the true inner perception of spirit, culture, craft details, dignity and artistic memory. The brand does not rigidly adhere to the limitations of the traditional premium customization model, and is committed to meeting the dress needs of young women in different situations.




Brand Art and philosophy

Take the Chinese style light dress as a bridge,to share and explore the founders' views on the "new Chinese style" fashion aesthetics and "light and elegant" style of young fashionable women with exquisite dress habits.

Each season's different series will convey the same fashion theme: the argumentation and thinking of oriental poetic romantic philosophy that integrates contemporary spirit, and the rational and exquisite pursuit of western haute couture art. And integrate into the designer's multi-dimensional artistic thinking.