入傲亚LOÏYAO品牌入傲亚由设计师中国设计师卢瑶2017年成立于上海,2015年她在法国ESMOD PARIS学习女装设计,她的初衷是为女性提供实现其自我价值,表现女性强大的内心和独立的精神的服饰品。品牌展现女性的刚柔两面,可果敢凌厉,亦可绰约明艳,在披荆斩棘的世界里,突破自我,往自由的高出去的精神理念!注重时尚的同时,也重视日常穿着需求,展现时尚的多面性与未知的创造力。

LOÏYAOwas founded in Shanghai in 2017 by Chinese designer Lu Yao. In 2015, she studied women's wear design in ESMOD Paris, France. Her original intention is to provide women with clothing products that realize their self-value and show women's strong heart and independent spirit. The brand shows both sides of women's firmness and softness, can be bold and resolute, can also be graceful and bright, in the world to break through the self, to the spirit of freedom to go higher! While paying attention to fashion, we also pay attention to the needs of daily wear, showing the versatility and unknown creativity of fashion.