“U”同“YOU”,KEEP名词释义为生活必需品。KEEP也是保持、处于的意思,UKEEP主张的人和生活是一个接近的状态,是一个形成的过程。“UKEEP GIRL”是一群独立、高级而酷的当代女性,她们理性、悅纳、进取,她们追求自由,但是懂得克制。UKEEP,以流动的设计美学,无处不在,又无奇不有。干净的廓形,极致的细节,利落的线条,灵动的材质,不对称的裁剪,高饱和的色彩,在UKEEP成为一种和谐,打破定义,让不可能成为可能,打造世界,让平凡与美共存。


"U", with"you"; the term “KEEP” is defined as necessities of life to some degree, so that you wanna maintain it. “UKEEP” is a necessity of your life. At the same time, “KEEP” also means maintaining or being in a specified condition. “UKEEP” advocates that people and their life are in a close state and a process of integration.

 "UKEEP Girls" is a group of independent, advanced and cool contemporary women. They are rational, receptive and enterprising. They pursue freedom but know how to exercise restraint. “UKEEP”is a fluid design aesthetics, ubiquitous and unsurprising. Clean silhouette, extreme details, neat lines, flexible materials, asymmetric cutting, high saturation of color, has become a kind of daily harmony in “UKEEP”, breaking definitions, making the impossible possible, creating a world where the ordinary and beautiful coexist.