LONGFACE时尚首饰品牌,2019纽约时装周特邀首饰品牌,由徐刀刀在2016年成立于苏州。坚持“物尽其用,天马行空”的设计理念, 将色彩、几何、解构等元素结合, 让首饰有自己特殊的情绪、表达,在不经意间释放生动和高级感。塑造LONGFACE独特的搭配美学。

LONGFACE Fashion Jewelry Brand, a special guest jewelry brand of New York Fashion Week 2019, was founded by Daodao Xu in Suzhou in 2016. Adhere to the design concept of "make the best use of everything, unrestrained and unrestrained", the combination of color, geometry, deconstruction and other elements, so that jewelry has its own special mood, expression, inadvertently release vivid and advanced sense. Shape LONGFACE’ s unique