BESIONIA·LIFESTYLE开创了一种属于“慢生活·新色彩·轻度假”的时尚生活方式,将新鲜有趣的撞色感、高颜值的型格调与当代艺术的酷态度融为一体。用姿态分明的态度,让喧闹的城市生活充满无处不在的度假风情,解锁新生代女性的生活方式及时尚态度, 以焕然一新的面孔,继续去匹配生命里的波澜壮阔。

BESIONIA LIFESTYLE, originated in Sicily, Italy, is a new generation fashion brand that combines contemporary art and life. Italian attitude and Sicilian color give the brand vigorous vitality and creativity. With the comfortable, self, casual and stylish serious attitude,we transmit high quality of Italian slow life. 

BESIONIA LIFESTYLE has pioneered a fashion lifestyle that belongs to the "Slow Life,New Color, Light Vacation", which combines the fresh and interesting sense of collision color, the style of high appearance with the cool attitude of contemporary art. With a clear attitude, we make the noisy city life full of ubiquitous holiday amorous feelings, and unlock the life style and fashion attitude of the new generation of women. With a new face, we continue to match the grandeur of life.