Color Wonderland是设计师夏乙旗Leaf Xia推出的全新艺术化生活方式品牌,打造专属于勇敢女孩的缤纷梦幻空间。 品牌关注独立女性,主张用纯粹的内心探索和拥抱未知的一切。我们相信人生应该以美好有意义的生活为目标,用孩子般的稚气心灵与纯粹享受世界赠予的一切,并勇敢的展现自我。品牌以时尚的包容力、绮炫的色彩、浪漫的印花、大胆的拼接手法,期待陪伴所有女孩开启不可思议的奇幻之旅。


Launched by designer Leaf Xia, Color Wonderland is an artistic lifestyle brand driven by designing a colorful dream for adventurous girls.  The brand offers a unique and ambitious approach to design with its roots firmly placed in colors and prints. By focusing on independent women and advocates embracing the unknown with pure inner exploration, the brand is willing to accompany all girls on an incredible journey of fantasy.