迷墙 BRIQUE 由李伯钧与方语舒成立于2017年6月的北京。



 迷墙 BRIQUE 源自迷幻摇滚乐队Pink Floyd

的经典专辑《THE WALL》(之后拍成电影,译名为《迷墙》),


并启发了两位设计师, 迷墙 BRIQUE 应运而生。


迷墙 BRIQUE 只做 有趣, 有态度, 有内容的首饰设计。


迷墙 BRIQUE 的设计理念多元, 擅于运用几何, 立体, 解构主义。


迷墙 BRIQUE 专注于设计本身与质感体现, 旨在给用户最优佩戴体验。



迷墙BRIQUE 相信:


“All in all you’re not just another brick in the wall.“




comes from The classic album <THE WALL> by Pink Floyd.(they also made the same film) the film resisted the influence of outdated thinking and broke free from the shackles of thought, and inspired two designers.

The BRIQUE was born.

BRIQUE design with fun, attitude and content.


BRIQUE design concept is diverse, good at using geometry, three-dimensional, deconstruction.

It also draws inspiration from architecture and landscape.


BRIQUE focuses on the design itself and aiming to give users the best wearing experience.

Mifan wall BRIQUE offers the same customized pure 18K gold/platinum material,

Special designs for festivals and anniversaries will be introduced regularly.


BRIQUE believes "All in All you're not just another brick in the wall."


Always better wearing experience.