Triple Tipsy 三倍微醺,由毕业于中央圣马丁与伦敦时装学院的好友们共同创立。 前身是成立于伦敦的设计工作室,2018年归国后创立同名品牌。拥有多年艺术创作经验的三位创始人,曾多次获得国内外设计奖项,作品在伦敦V&A博物馆、伦敦时装周、伦敦设计节等均有展出。triple tipsy 希望弥合独立设计与大众消费者间的距离,立志通过兼具时尚设计、精湛做工与优良材质的产品,来传递令人心动的体验。


Triple Tipsy is a fashion jewellery brand founded by three designer friends graduated from Central Saint Martins and London College of Fashion. Started as a design studio in London, the founding partners set up the brand 'triple tipsy' in Shanghai after they came back to their homeland. The partners have been involved in art and design field for years, while winning a number of domestic and international awards. Their design works have been showcased in V&A Museum, London Fashion Week, London Design Festival, etc.

The brand aspires to shrink the gap between independent designer brand and consumers, by making effort in combining contemporary design with exquisite craftsmanship. Triple Tipsy wishes to deliver a joyful lifestyle and delightful experiences to the audiences.