設計師 李承翰(Cherng-Hann Lee)將西服剪裁特色,加入不同美學元素,延伸出融合中西文化的豐富創作,以故事為靈感的獨特思維與視角,藉由剪裁敘事,將角色形象精神賦予著衣者,致力創造穿搭中不同的風格選擇。

品牌推出AW18作為第一季,並於上海發表。S/S19 系列受邀至日本福岡動態展演,且固定每年兩季都於上海時裝週期程展會發表。亦保持與藝人/劇組等造型合作。

Costume will change, but the soul will not.

 For costume, CHERNG longs to awaken the hidden characters

 in everyone through dialogues with design. 

 Designer Cherng-Hann Lee mixes tailoring features in eastern costume with different aesthetic elements, yielding more creation combining both eastern and western cultures and allowing designer costume to converse with the masses in their daily clothing.