AUG GALA, 由考力于2015年创立于上海,她毕业于伦敦时装学院,在伦敦时先后就职于Erdem、Alexander Mcqueen的设计部门,对于服装版型、面料和工艺有很深的理解,不喜浮夸的设计,是实穿派的坚定拥护者。






AUG GALA, founded in 2015by Coli in Shanghai. She graduated from the London College of Fashion and worked in the design department of Erdem and Alexander Mcqueen in London. She has a deep understanding of clothing patterns, fabrics and techniques, and she is a strong supporter of the “practical and comfortable” design.


Based on the unique understanding of urban women, women's strength, elegance, freedom and self-confidence are integrated into the design to create a balance between comfort and luxury, practical and ideal. Dialogue with art, the humanities philosophy, architectural style and artistic aesthetics into the language of clothing, through the delicate and elegant lace stitching, beautiful and beautiful long dress, delicate and light beading techniques, etc., injecting artistic sense and delicate feelings.