DASH FUTURE诞生于2020年,以想象力为桥梁,注重“现在”与“未来”的连结。其服饰具有幻想精神和张力,包含着设计师对未来的想象与实践,专为富有活力的年轻一代而设计。探索未知,探索新事物,探索新未来,以期为时尚人士带去更多样最前沿的街头服饰设计。

Founded in 2020, DASH FUTURE connects the present and the FUTURE with imagination as a bridge. Its clothing has the spirit of fantasy and tension, contains the designer's imagination and practice of the future, designed for the dynamic young generation. Explore the unknown, explore new things, explore new future, in order to bring more diverse and cutting-edge streetwear design for fashion people.