YOUPPIE!创立于2013年,其意源于法文中的语气词“哇!”,是一个始终致力于为酷女孩设计的时尚个性品牌。YOUPPIE! 秉持“Only difference can change the world”的理念,设计个性多样,有趣,先锋的表达下兼具实穿主义原则,设计感强、注重搭配,让时尚酷女孩们在全方位各类生活场景中轻松自在地表达自我,真正让时尚走进生活。同时YOUPPIE!注重与国内外艺术家、设计师、插画师、时尚idol的合作,持续为酷女孩们带去更丰富的先锋服饰。

YOUPPIE! Founded in 2013, its meaning comes from the modal particle "Wow!" in French , is a fashion personality brand that is always committed to designing for cool girls. Youppie! Adheres to the concept of "only difference can change the world". The design is diverse and interesting. Under the expression of pioneers, it has the principle of practical wear. It has a strong sense of design and pays attention to collocation, so that fashion cool girls can easily express themselves in all kinds of life scenes and truly let fashion come into life. At the same time youppie! Pay attention to the cooperation with artists, designers, illustrators and fashion idol at home and abroad, and continue to bring more colorful pioneer clothing to cool girls.