Bandladies 成立于2017年,是一个多元化的集成 SHOWROOM, 以经典、个性、潮流为基准,推出高品位、高品质、高性价比的时尚产品。我们致力于打造一个线上线下为一体的销售平台,既结合市场需求,同时让设计师的才能得到充分的发挥。


Bandladies 来源:


帮助 - 意味着 HELP,是时装界,也是 BANDLADIES 设计师们所坚持的一个处事原则。 一帮人 - 意味着BAND, 是团结与融合,也是我们所感受到的时装领域的进步和发展。 bandladies 不仅仅是设计师或者品牌的创造,而是寓意所有女性力量的集结与独立意识的审美体现。


Bandladies is a diverse SHOWROOM,established in 2017,which launches high-grade,top-quality and cost-effective products based on classic,personality and fashion.We are committed to creating a sales platform which combines online and offline sales,it not only fits to market demand,but also puts designers’capability to good use.


Origin of Bandladies:

This is a brand new explanation of “Bang”

“Bangzhu”means help, it is a principle that Bandladies designers as well as fashion industry are sticking to. “A group of people”means “BAND”,represents unity and integration, that’s exactly what we feel for the progression and the development in fashion field.Bandladies is not just a creation from designers or brand,but an aesthetical embodiment of the solidarity of female power and independent consciousness.