MORTICIA YANG 是一家英国时装设计公司,2020年随新公司来到深圳,正式进驻中国市场。将欧洲和中国的元素设计融合在一起,创造出一种全新的外观,我们称之为“东方与西方相遇”。我们的设计师旅居欧洲多年,是一位跨界即兴艺术创作者,从死核、金属核、黑金,到即兴人声、行为艺术,再到现在的服装设计,她说每一种艺术的表达形式仅仅只是在心灵上多开了一扇窗户而已。




MORTICIA YANG, a British fashion design company, that officially entered China in 2020. The combination of European and Chinese elements create a new look, which we call "East meets West". Our designer, who has lived in Europe for many years, is an international improvisation artist, designer, musician, vocalist, and fashion designer. Every form of artistic expression is just a window into the soul.


After studying at the famous St. Martin's fashion University in London, England, she studied and created in Belgium, Sweden and Spain for many years. Due to her Chinese identity, she is particularly good at integrating Chinese and Western culture, inspired by the book of changes. She has been featured in Vogue Italy as a designer and a model.


We re-engineer our fabrics using heat and 3D printing technology transforming fabrics into art. Physics influences our designs just as much as art. Using the Fibonacci sequence to create a natural balance in our clothes and their shape just like the leaves of a plant.


Our designs have been refereed to as avant-garde, because our designs are more than just clothing, they are ART!