•IC Isabella Creations

•IC Isabella Creations是一个来自于意大利的高级女西装设计师品牌,简称意莎贝拉。品牌名源于卡佩王朝腓力四世的公主,寓意纯正皇室血统、高贵、端庄、优雅。IC引用意大利手工工艺、结合欧式版型,采用国际顶级和各国优质面料,成为国际上大胆创新的一个女西装品牌。

•IC Isabella Creations is a senior female suit designer brand from Italy, with Isabella for short. The brand name derives from the Princess of Philip IV of the Cappe Dynasty, implying pure royal blood, nobility, modesty and elegance. By introducing Italian handmade craft, combined with European model and adopting world-class and quality fabrics from other countries, IC has become a bold and innovative female suit brand in the world.