Ice Mella

Ice Mella突出人体与自然的完美结合,时尚却不脱离生活,“一切源于自然”是对 Ice Mella 最好的诠释,充分演绎了女性在现代都市中的自信、优雅和洒脱。产品注重款式细节的设计,整体色彩的搭配,款式的组合。通过不同的方式,来满足现代女性,出入各种场合的需求。

Ice Mella 为30-40岁具有独特品味,拥有多元化价值观,懂得享受生活的现代女性而创造。她的时尚、优雅、自然、洒脱,为喜爱超自然气质以及讲究穿着舒适的现代女性倾力打造出年轻优雅、简约知性的服饰。


The perfect combination of human body and nature is being strongly highlighted by Ice Mella, while fashion can not be separated from life. At the same time,"Nature breeds all things" is the best interpretation to Ice Mella, which can fully demonstrate women's self-confidence, elegance and freedom in modern cities. What the product pays attention to is the design of style details, the collocation of the overall color and the combination of styles. As a result, it can meet the needs of modern women to go into various occasions through different ways.


There is no doubt that Ice Mella is born for modern women aged from 30 to 40 with unique tastes, pluralistic values and life-enjoy ability. With the characteristics of fashion, elegance, nature, and freedom, it creates young, elegant, simple and intellectual clothing to those modern women who have the supernatural temperament and pay attention to comfortable wearing.